Back Corrector

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A Simple Way to Relieve Back Pain & Improve Flexibility! 

Designed to Remove chronic back pain

Pain Relief

Naturally alleviate back pain, discomfort & tension caused by improper posture or a sedentary lifestyle. This pressure helps eliminate tension, & stress.


Your back will benefit greatly from different pressure levels in order to become flexible and allow your spine to fully stretch.

Home relaxation

Just 10 minutes a day will put an end to the suffering at home. This device provides a soothing massage that induces relaxation and sleep.

Tired of having intense back pain from work or from the gym?

  • Gives you a gentle satisfying stretch.

  • Gently corrects bad posture.

  • Best suitable for Yoga, or Physical Exercise.

  • Eco-Friendly and Reusable

 The Omniposture will get that back popping done for you unlike any other tool or object that you've possibly spent hundreds of dollars on. All you have to do is just lay it on the ground and get it at a perfect angle and push up with your feet with your back against the wheel and watch the Ultaposture pop your back in seconds, you will feel the magic!

Quick and Gentle - Simple & Effective Back Stretcher. 

  • Relieve back pain and tension

  • Correct your posture

  • Gives more of a deeper stretch

  • Save you money from expensive chiropractor visits

  • Corrects postural imbalances

What Is Omniposture?

Our Omniposture is similar to our famous “chiro board” but only more advanced and gives more of a deeper stretch. Our Omniposture is eco-friendly and reusable, the Omniposture was engineered to be perfect and safe. It was made with thick high quality ABS plastic for its toughness and high-quality foam for its comfort, the ChiroWheel sits at a whopping 33 cm and is a whopping 14 cm wide.

Why Is It Special?

Ergonomic Design

With our ergonomic design, you can stretch your back and correct your posture efficiently and quickly. Use while doing Yoga, Gym or Physical Exercise.


No more bad “back devices” that claim to stretch your back. 

Suitable for All Body Parts

It is specifically designed to handle every body shape and type. 


All you have to do is lay your back down and stretch.


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