Dream Roller Pro™

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Color: Beige

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What is a dream roller? 

A dream roller is a perfectly engineered roller made with high class PVC and EVA Foam. It is suitable for anyone to use in any way whether it be for yoga or after the gym or after work our dream roller will roll out all those tense joint muscles of yours to help you relax. Our dream roller can be used for your your back, arms, legs, thighs etc.

Our dream roller tech is better than most generic foam rollers unlike other foam rollers our EVA foam has bunches of Foam bumps that are specifically engineered into the roller to get into that muscle of yours. Be ready to feel the power of our dream roller ✨

Stretch and Massage Muscles: Relieve sore and tired muscles with this foam roller, which can be used on any part of the body for a head-to-toe massage you control.

Benefits of dream roller 

✨ lowers stress and tension on your muscles  ✨

✨ ultra strong and durable for any weight size ✨

✨ massages deep tissue on your body ✨

✨ improves posture so that you can look good and feel good ✨

✨ improves your flexibility skills ✨

✨ helps blood circulation all over your body ✨

✨ rolls out the knots in your muscles ✨

 Raised pattern provides trigger point therapy and massage
 High-density EVA foam construction
 Lightweight and portable
 Easy to clean
 Designed to hold its shape


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