Dream Ball Pro™

$14.99 $24.99
Color: Green-2

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What is a Dream Ball?

A dream Ball is a pocket size massage Ball that you can take anywhere with you on the go with no hassle.

 Our dream ball is professionally engineered to help relieve strained or tense muscles just simply pull it out of your bag or pocket and start rolling out that tense body of yours

Benefits of having a dream ball

✨ Dream Ball is a stress reliever 

✨ Dream Ball can roll out painful muscle knots 

✨ Dream Ball was precisely made to be convenient 

✨ Dream Ball can take your essential oils 


How do you use it ?

All you have to do is just open its packaging and just start to roll away and as you use it you will start to feel the power and magic of what our Dream ball can do to your body and how it can improve your everyday lifestyle you will feel the Dream

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