ChiroWheel Pro™

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Tired of having intense back pain from work or from the gym?

Well, worry no more our ChiroWheel Pro™ will roll out all that back pain for you in a breeze!

Introducing ChiroWheel Pro™


Not Your Typical Wheel

Simple & Effective Back Stretcher 

A ChiroWheel Pro™ is similar to our famous “chiroback pro” but only more advanced and gives more of a deeper stretch. Our ChiroWheel Pro™ is eco-friendly and reusable, the ChiroWheel Pro™ was engineered to be perfect and safe. It was made with thick high quality ABS plastic for its toughness and high quality foam for its comfort, the ChiroWheel Pro™ sits at a whopping 33 cm and is a whopping 14 cm wide. The  ChiroWheel Pro™ will get that back popping done for you unlike any other tool or object that you've possibly spent hundreds of dollars on. All you have to do is just lay it on the ground and get it at a perfect angle and push up with your feet with your back against the wheel and watch the ChiroWheel Pro™ pop your back in seconds, you will feel the magic!✨

Benefits of having the ChiroWheel Pro™

ChiroWheel Pro™ will save you money from expensive chiropractor visits!

Introducing Greatness

Not Your Typical Wheel

Simple & Effective Back Stretcher 

ChiroWheel Pro™ is eco-friendly and is reusable

✨Will relieve all of your back pain and tension!

ChiroWheel Pro™ is better/safer than those school chairs everyone once used!

✨ Will make all of your family/Friends with back pain jealous!

✨ Will last you years!

✨ Can be taken anywhere on the go!

✨ Will correct your posture! 

ChiroWheel Pro™ comes in a variety of colors to match your style!

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