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Make your bathroom counter-top perfectly organized with the help of the Multi-Functional Toothbrush Holder. With Nordic minimalism as the foundation of its design, the Multi-Functional Toothbrush Holder offers multifunctionality while boasting a classy yet understated look. No more messy counter-tops; keep your hygiene products clean and sanitized so that they last much longer!

✔️LARGE CAPACITY - The META™ Multi-Functional Toothbrush Holder is able to accommodate up to 4 heat-resistant mouth washing cups (350 ml), and up to 8 toothbrushes. Perfect for any family, small or large.

✔️ANTI-DUST TECHNOLOGY- The META™ Multi-Functional Toothbrush Holder offers a dust-cover solution, which prevents the toothbrushes from being contaminated by either dust or dirt. Additionally, your toothbrushes are kept dry through the venation holes found at the top of the dispenser; all at the same time!

✔️AUTOMATIC TOOTHPASTE DISPENSER - The META™ Multi-Functional Toothbrush Holder features a built-in automatic toothpaste dispenser. Designed with the intention of preventing any unnecessary waste of product, the automatic toothpaste dispenser will provide you with the perfect amount of toothpaste every time!

✔️MAGNETIC CUP-HOLDER- The META™ Multi-Functional Toothbrush Holder includes up to 4 heat-resistant mouth washing cups, which can be easily dispensed upside-down thanks to the Toothbrush Holder's built in magnetic cup-holders. This allows for the cups to be drained of any leftover water after use, preventing bacterial reproduction and keeps the cups dry, hygienic and clean. And do not worry; we will provide you with some nice stickers for the multiple cup variants so that you can easily personalize your own cup, ensuring that you will get to have your cup all to yourself!

✔️SMART STORAGE- The META™ Multi-Functional Toothbrush Holder comes with a large counter-top shelf for you to neatly organize your grooming tools, bathroom essentials or other self-care products. Two additional drawer compartments are also provided, allowing you to store cosmetics and other smaller accessories for easy access.

✔️EASY AND SAFE INSTALLATION- The META™ Multi-Functional Toothbrush Holder is easily attached to the wall with the help of our specifically designed strong wall mount stickers. Thanks to this solution our Toothbrush Holder can carry up to 6kg of weight, all while not damaging your walls and being easy to set up.

880g, 1030g, 1200g
33x20x10cm, 40x20x10cm, 47x20x10cm

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